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Fortunately, many of us have never put a foot in a physical prison but unfortunately we live in one. Our bars are made up of shame, self-limiting thoughts, fear, what people are going to say, self-sabotaging behaviors… the list goes on. These bars keep us hostage and prevents us from living the life that we are meant to live.

‘BREAK FREE: 52 Tips for Escaping Your Self Imposed Prison’ is a geared to help you to take an introspective look at your life and identify the bars that are keeping you imprisoned. In addition, it guides you through the work that is needed to BREAK FREE. This journey is personal but one that is worth the effort!

So without further ado, let’s break free by removing the bars from your cell one by one!


6 reviews for Break Free, Motivational Book with Inspirational quotes, 52 Tips to Empower, Encouraging Words, Uplifting, Wellness Literature

  1. Amazon Customer Review

    Amazon Customer Review

      “This is an excellent guide. I recommend that you should not only purchase one for yourself but for others in your life as well. The chapters are captivating and encourages it readers to not only “break- free” but to understand what freedom is.”

  2. Amazon Customer Review

    Amazon Customer Review

      “I love the wide variety of topics discussed in this book. I also love the fact that the author calls them, “self-imposed bars/prisons” because it reminds me that all of those negative concepts like low self-worth and shame are the things hindering me from achieving my goals and dreams. It also lets me know if I chose to allow them in my life, I can choose to kick them out! My favorite part of the book is the thought-provoking questions asked after each thematic elaboration. The questions really make me think of how that specific negative concept is impacting my life. This is a great book to use in small group discussions and to give away as a gift. Anyone in Counseling, Ministry, or committed to self-development would benefit greatly from this book.”

  3. Amazon Customer Review

    Amazon Customer Review-

      “Break Free is one of the best books that I have used for my self-development. The book is simple, concise and packed with many insights. The ‘ponder this’ feature contains quotes that are life-changing! I have read this book twice and I have done the exercises. This is a must have for your home library!”

  4. Amazon Customer Review

    Amazon Customer Review

      “I’ve been going through ‘Break Free’ and it is very informative and eye-opening. It is one of those books that should be in everyone’s personal reading stack It can be used for personal review of self and it can also be useful as an instructional text for anyone who works with individuals who are trying to understand issues related to a dysfunctional life.”

  5. Amazon Customer Review

    Audrey Cecile Davis-

      “BREAK FREE: 52 Tips to Escape From Your Self Imposed Prison is a book that asks ALL the right questions. It makes you STOP and think about your true self perceptions. The conscious AND the unconscious. Filled with a series of short yet powerful exercises, there is no way you can be the same after going through them!! I particularly enjoyed the author sharing her own personal and very relatable stories. This is a book you can revisit again and again. As you grow, the book will continue to inform and shape you. I highly recommend it.”

  6. Amazon Customer Review

    Amazon Customer Review-

      “This book has changed the way I view my current life situations. It’s good to know that there are other people I can relate to and that I’m not alone. But most importantly, it’s great to know that I have power and ways to Break Free! What an amazing read with practical life lessons!”

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