5 Tips to Help You Tap into Your Unique Gifts and Talents


Earlier this week in the post titled, “Awaken the Sleeping Giant Within”, I mentioned that many women are barely tapping into their full potential.

Below are 5 Tips to Help You to Tap into Your Unique Gifts and Talents. They involve introspection, observation of your behaviors and communicating with others. Get a book and take notes. I promise you that they will give you great insight!

TIP #1: What makes you excited and energized?
I was speaking with a dear friend recently and she shared that she was questioning her purpose (my words, not hers). She loved what she does professionally but she felt such happiness when she is able to help others. She said that she wished she could do more community based work where she was hands on helping people. What my friend is feeling is a big tip to help her gain insight into her gifts/talents and purpose. What I suggested to her and now to you is to explore these clues. In my friend’s case, I suggested that she schedule some volunteer time and pay attention to her thoughts and feels while doing so.

TIP #2: What do people usually complement you about?
In other words, what do people often tell you that you are good at? How do you feel when you are doing this? Do you feel elated?

TIP #3: When was the last time you lost track of time?
Are there activities that you get so absorbed in that you don’t think about time, or eating, or sleeping when you are doing them? This is a key tip. These could be hobbies and/or leisure activities. They could also be work related.

TIP #4: ‘Back in the day’ what did you enjoy doing?
Think about when you were growing up. How did you spend your time as a child? What did you like to do?

When I was going through my ‘exploration’ phase (this is what I call what we are doing), I asked my sister what she remembered about me when I was growing up. One of the things she said was that I was always writing. I did not remember that but I do love writing.

TIP #5: Ask others
As I mentioned previously, my sister gave me great insight. Ask friends, family, colleagues and other people who you trust, one or all of the following questions. This can be extremely helpful because they are able to observe you in a way that you cannot observe yourself. Their input can reveal things that you weren’t aware of.

  • What makes me unique?
  • What do you think I do very well?
  • What are my strongest skills?

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