About Faith


My name is Faith Saunders and I am the founder and CEO of Discover A New Future. I came to the realization a few years ago that many people are merely existing. They take great care to look beautiful on the outside but are crumbling away inside.  Ask me how I know? This was my life for a long… time. 

Zig Ziglar said it best:  

“You have to BE before you can DO before you can HAVE.”

In other words, you have to connect with who you really are (that is, BE) so that you can DO what is really important to you which will yield (that is, HAVE) the things that are most meaningful to you!

I am continuously learning what it means to BE – connecting to who I really am –  good, flawed and indifferent –  and loving myself unconditionally. It takes a LOT of work –  wading through the valley (self-doubt, depression, fear… the list goes on) but it is worth it.  Old habits are sometimes hard to break so I occasionally find myself retreating down familiar but self-destructive paths; however, the good news is that I am able to identify where I am before I tread too far.

I have used a number of tools and resources along the way to help me.  Some tools were created by others and some I created myself. Discover A New Future is all about sharing information, tools, and resources that can help you on your journey. For instance:

There is much more – take a look at the website to see what else we are up to.

OUR Vision, Mission, and Values 

  • VISION: To help women to be the best version of them self.
  • MISSION: To create a safe community that promotes hope; where women learn healthy ways of thinking and being as they continuously reach towards their full potential.
  • VALUES: Hope | Respect | Integrity | Perseverance |

I have a Master’s Degree in Psychiatric Rehabilitation from Rutgers (formerly UMDNJ) and over 20 years experience working in various capacities – training, coaching, project development, etc. – with many groups, including women in recovery, teenage mothers, youths and adults with emotional challenges.

I am the proud mother of two adult children (my greatest accomplishment)!

OTHER ACCOMPLISHMENTS  – Recipient of Central Jersey National Association of Business Owners prestigious Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year Award, contributing author to several publications like Stephanie Clark’s book – Life As A Single Mom: It isn’t Easy, or Is It? and author of  BREAK FREE: 52  Tips to Escape From Your Self Imposed Prison and Journal to Wellness and Discover A New Future

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