Are You Breaking the Law?


I often do a meditation to start my day. I use random readings based upon what my spirit needs at the time. One of my favorite book is Acts of Faith by Iyanla Vanzant.

This morning I read a chapter in which she wrote that when there is a disconnect between what we want and what is showing up in our lives the reason is usually that we are breaking one or more laws – Universal Laws, that is. These laws or principles exists in perfect harmony and when we don’t abide by them we experience discomfort.

I am going to share two of them with you today.

The Law of Forgiveness: Many of us do not only walk around with anger against others for things that they have done that have hurt us but, we also walk around with anger towards ourselves.
This keeps us in bondage and feeling stuck, which manifests itself in our lives in a number of ways. For instance:

  • We don’t go certain places because they evoke so many bad memories and emotional pain.
  • We don’t speak with family members and/or friends based upon something that occurred in the past.
  • We punish our self by doing self-sabotage behaviors that hurt us in many areas of our lives – emotionally, physically, financially, spiritually…

Forgiveness is a gift to yourself! It’s releasing what happened so that it does not hurt you anymore and release you so that you can live a happy and fulfilling life. It does not mean forgetting what happened but learning from it.

As per Iyanla, “When put into action, the Law of Forgiveness, infuses the mind with natural, healthy ideas that takes away the darkness and bring in the light.”

The Law of Sacrifice: This law says that we must give in order to receive. Some people reading this may be getting a pang of pain in the pit of their stomach because the word sacrifice usually have a negative connotation. Besides, it often means giving up certainty for uncertainty.

How we perceive something makes a world of difference – what if we look at the law of sacrifice as gaining something of greater value by giving up something of a lesser value. What is coming to mind is college. Many of us spend thousands of dollars, not talking about time, getting an education. Some people love to learn and would go to school no matter what but I think it is safe to say, that the vast majority of us, me included, saw it as a path to a brighter future.

In other words, we sacrificed the certainty of what we had at the time (pre-college) because we felt that it was of less value compared to what we would gain after we have a college education. We felt confident that we would be more marketable and earn more money with a degree.

Ponder This!

  1. Are you ready to forgive yourself?

    Complete the following sentence by writing 6 things that you forgive yourself for. I forgive myself for _____________________________.

  2. Are you ready to forgive someone that have hurt you? Complete the following sentence.

    I am willing to forgive ____________________________________________ (insert name) and I am willing to _________________________________________ (insert what you are willing to do to start the process).

  3. What are you willing to sacrifice now so that you can have the future you want? (Examples – it could be spending less so that you can save for a home or as simple as watching less TV and using that time to do a home study course).

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