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TITLE: Eating Health on the Run and/on A Limited Budget
GUEST: April Crowley, ShopRite Dietitian

ABOUT THE SHOW: Did you know that many ShopRite Supermarkets have a FREE dietitian on staff? Well they do! April our friendly ShopRite Dietitian shares some awesome tips about eating health AND delicious meals despite our budget and how busy we are. (This is one of a 3 part series – go to our Vimeo Archive to see the others)

TITLE: Life Lessons from My Life As A Single Mom
GUEST: Special guest – Cindy Hsu,  CBS Anchor

ABOUT THE SHOW: Single Moms share the rewards and challenges that come with this special role.

TITLE: Mental Health First Aid –  CPR for the Mind
GUESTS: Kimme Carlos – Urban Mental Health Alliance (left of Faith); Andi Williams –  Montclair YMCA and Community in Crisis (center); Michael Allora City – Clifton Fire Dept. and the Mental Health Association of Passaic County (far right)

ABOUT THE SHOW: Scenario 1Have you been in a restaurant and someone is choking or even if you have not had this experience – if you were in such a situation – many of us would know basically what to even if we were not trained in CPR.  Scenario 2 – same situation, only this time – the person is anxious and restless? What would most people do? This show focus on some of the programs and people who are leading the effort in New Jersey to educate the community about mental illness.

TITLE: Moving Beyond Grief to Reclaim Your Life
GUEST: Sabrina Amsted Smith

ABOUT THE SHOW: Sabrina was a newlywed who was also pregnant with her first child when tragedy struck and took her husband and later her baby’s life. How does one move forward after such loss? Sabrina shares her story; one filled with nuggets of wisdom and demonstrate the power of forgiveness!

TITLE: Don’t Talk to My Goddess Like That!
GUEST: Audrey Davis-Dunning, Founder and CEO, Get Your Goddess     

ABOUT THE SHOW: Audrey Davis-Dunning has combined her two loves – African Dance and personal development to create a program geared at inspiring women to embrace their natural beauty, ignite their inner Goddess through movement, music and self-reflection and most of all remain grounded amidst the chaos.

TITLE: Human Trafficking Prevention Initiative
GUEST: Carrie Speiser and Jennifer Hammer, Prevent Child Abuse NJ

ABOUT THE SHOW: Over 100,000 minors are currently exploited in the US each year, and that’s a conservative number AND 83% of victims are US citizens! Learn about warning signs and how you could prevent this from happening to you or someone you love.


TITLE: Tips for Today’s Graduating Students, Tomorrow’s Multi-Cultural Leaders
GUEST: Wenylla Reid, Associate Director for Employer Development at Rutgers University

ABOUT THE SHOW: Wenylla shares some of the challenges minority students face when they go to college and available resources/strategies that they can use to overcome some of these challenges.