I Was Born to Succeed Not to Fail


You were born to triumph, not to bow your head in defeat so stop pitying and belittling yourself!

I was feeling a little blue this morning and as usual when this happens I do one or a combination of  three things – pray, write and/or read something inspirational. I decided to read. What happened next always occur! Whatever I grab is what I need at the time.

I grabbed Og Mandingo’s book, The Greatest Salesman in the World – Part II: The End of the Story  from my bookshelf.  It is a must read – short but powerful book!

I opened the book and it opened to page 80 – The First Vow of Success. Just a quick background, the book is about a travelling salesman. Throughout his journey he learns life lessons which he later compile into a tablet which consists of 10 guiding principles for success.

This first lesson and one that I needed was this – Never again will I pity or belittle myself. I had to LOL because I was having a full fledge pity party! The only guest was me! Mandingo wrote:

I was born to triumph, not to bow my head in defeat. I was born to toast victories, not to whimper or whine. … How foolish I was when I stood in despair, by the side of the road, and envied the successful and the wealthy as they paraded by.  Are they blessed with unique skills, rare intelligence, heroic courage, enduring ambition, and other outstanding qualities that I possess not?

I started to look at things from another prospective and asked myself some questions:

  • What was this all about? In other words, what was stirring up these feeling of self-doubt?
  • Have I felt this way before? Answer – numerous times!
  • How did I deal with the situation?
  • What was the outcome?

Well, I am feeling better!  Got my answer! I am off to handle my business!

Until next time!



In 2007, I started a company called Keepsakes by Faith whose main purpose was to inspire individuals using my art and inspiration words. The company evolved to meet our customers needs and today we are known as DISCOVER A NEW FUTURE. You may be wondering why. Our overall goal is to inspire individuals to be the best version of them self and we seek to do this by offering a wider array of services so we can meet individuals where they are. This includes personal development workshops, providing information, education and resources via our Discover A New Future show that airs weekly on Princeton TV, conferences, support groups and of course, art. So thanks for stopping by and please share your thoughts - it's the only way that we can grow!

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