How to Master Your Negative Thoughts and Not Be a Slave to It!


Very few people like change, and even people who are less resistant to it experience some level of discomfort initially when they attempt to make changes. The reason is humans are creatures of habit and we have a need for certainty in our life; that is, a need for the familiar.

Today’s focus is how to start changing your negative thinking. In an earlier post, “Reduce Stress: Eliminate Your Negative Self-talk”, I mentioned that the first step to change negative thinking is changing your self talk from a negative one to a positive one. This is a process. It will not happen overnight but, it can be done. For many of us, we have been nurturing ‘this monster’ for so long, it is going to take effort to tame it. I hear the ‘sighs’ already (by the way that’s your headtrash at work.) Lasting change takes
conscious effort – at least at first until it becomes a habit.

The good news is that it can be done and YOU CAN DO IT! For this to occur you must be open to embrace the three C’s – commitment, consistency and calculation. What do I mean?

  • COMMITMENT – Make a decision that you are going to do what it takes to make this change. However, for us to make change we must see it as POSITIVE and POSSIBLE. In other words, whatever change we are going to make, we must see the ultimate outcome to be significantly positive and we must believe that we are capable of doing it.


  • CONSISTENCY – When I was growing up, my Mom often said to us when we whined about doing something that “practice makes perfect.” The same applies here. This change is going to require practice. Practicing the new ways of thinking will result in them eventually becoming habits.


  • CALCULATION – you need to have some way to measure your progress. It’s like working at losing 20 pounds but not getting on a scale. How would you know if you achieved your goal? Furthermore, these small successes are what are going to be your motivational force to keep you going.

So, are you committed to making change?

Until next time… BE POSITIVE!




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