Peace in Simply Being!


For many years, when I was asked what I wanted for my birthday or Christmas, my response was always – peace. What I meant was that I wanted ‘me time’. I was asking for something that no one could give me because it was something that only I could give to myself.

What I know now, that I did not realize then, is that I can have peace no matter my circumstance. It is internal and is based upon our perception about our circumstances and our attitude.

QUESTION: How do you spend your ‘me time’? Do you spend your precious time beating up on yourself about what was or could have been or staying in the moment and being grateful!

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In 2007, I started a company called Keepsakes by Faith whose main purpose was to inspire individuals using my art and inspiration words. The company evolved to meet our customers needs and today we are known as DISCOVER A NEW FUTURE. You may be wondering why. Our overall goal is to inspire individuals to be the best version of them self and we seek to do this by offering a wider array of services so we can meet individuals where they are. This includes personal development workshops, providing information, education and resources via our Discover A New Future show that airs weekly on Princeton TV, conferences, support groups and of course, art. So thanks for stopping by and please share your thoughts - it's the only way that we can grow!

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