Quiet the Noise!


I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

I spent most of the day reflecting on what Thanksgiving meant to me and I had what Oprah would call a ‘Aha! Moment’. I realized that when asked what I am grateful for, I and many of you may relate, say things like my family and friends, good health, my job and/business and so forth. While our loved ones and other things mentioned should never be taken for granted and should be at the forefront of our mind, there are many other things that we take for granted that are not acknowledged. If they did, we would realize that Thanksgiving is every day.

Case in point – this blog! Breaking down the many things that made this blog possible showed me the many things that I took for granted and should be grateful for.

  1. I am alive
  2. I can see and for the glasses that help me to do so!
  3. I am of sound mind and I am able to think
  4. I can read
  5. I can write
  6. I can use my fingers
  7. I have a computer
  8. I have the skills to use the computer
  9. I have someone – you, who values what I have to say
  10. I live in a place where I have the freedom to share what I am thinking
  11. I have a roof over my head – protected from the elements, (it’s 37 degree outside!) I can’t even imagine being homeless in this weather.

The same is true for you if you are reading this.

  1. You are live
  2. You can see
  3. You can read
  4. You have a device – the computer, phone… whatever that allowed you to receive this blog
  5. Skills to use it
  6. A mind that allows you to understand what you are reading and can process it
  7. Freedom to choose if you want to read it or not

… get my point.

This helped me to realize that no matter what is happening in my life, if I’m able to look at it from this prospective; that is by dissecting it and focusing on the many things that I have to be grateful for; it puts me in a position of strength instead of weakness. Approaching any situation from this stand point can only give me hope which opens up possibilities.

My challenge to you, especially as we go into the Holiday Season, is to silent the noise! Celebrate each day by identifying one thing and name the people and things that make it possible. You will be amazed how much you have to be grateful for!

Until next time…



In 2007, I started a company called Keepsakes by Faith whose main purpose was to inspire individuals using my art and inspiration words. The company evolved to meet our customers needs and today we are known as DISCOVER A NEW FUTURE. You may be wondering why. Our overall goal is to inspire individuals to be the best version of them self and we seek to do this by offering a wider array of services so we can meet individuals where they are. This includes personal development workshops, providing information, education and resources via our Discover A New Future show that airs weekly on Princeton TV, conferences, support groups and of course, art. So thanks for stopping by and please share your thoughts - it's the only way that we can grow!

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