Safe Haven

Let’s face it, many of us have goals that we would like to accomplish.  However, despite the best of intentions they fall by the way side. Why? The reasons vary – but one thing that studies have shown is that despite the reason, many of us are more likely to follow through if we have a support network.

This is what SAFE HAVEN is all about.  It is a support network comprising of like-minded women who have made a conscious decision that they want to do something different with or in their life. Their common objective is to craft their respective SUCCESS STORY. They have come to the realization that this is easier accomplished if they have a network that is …

  • LISTENING non-judgmentally to what they have to say
  • CHEERING them on – “We know that you can do it”; “Don’t give up!”; “We have your back!”
  • Holding them ACCOUNTABLE

I could continue but you get what I mean. You may be wondering what makes SAFE HAVEN different from existing women’s groups. Let me share the ways…

Each group is small – maximum of 20 women. The rationale behind this is that in small groups…

  • It’s easier to develop comradely and trusting relationships which are critical foundations for people – especially us, women, to share and be vulnerable.
  • Ensures that each member receive adequate attention
  • You’re also a part of large network of women. That is, members of each small group have access to the expertise of other women in other smaller groups.
  • Discover A New Future works closely with each group to provide
    • up to date information, education, resources to enhance all areas of your wellness – emotional, physical, financial, occupational, etc.
    • access to a wide spectrum of experts
    • access to and also facilitate social events to build intergroup relationships and cohesiveness and a whole lot more….