Training Description

These trainings will assist participants to take an introspective look at their life so that they can identify their strengths and start utilizing them to address some of the challenges that have impacted their success. In addition, they will learn about tools and resources that they can use to help them to cope in healthy ways.

Each session will be presented via PowerPoint and will include various activities and discussions. Occasionally participants will be given homework activities to help them to integrate what they were taught into their daily life.  


Participants will:

  1. Use various activities to become more self-aware
  2. Learn strategies to identify and address various challenges that they face in life
  3. Healthy coping skills that could help them to be successful.

Workshop Topics and  Description

Who Am I: Participants will partake in a number of activities and discussions geared at helping them to connect and clarify their interest, strengths, and preferences. They will also learn how to utilize this information to aid them to obtain a good job match.

Homework Activity:  What is Wondrously True About You  –  Participants will be asked to pay attention to their actions during the coming week and record evidence of some of their strengths that they have identified.

 Overcoming Your Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTs): Participants will learn how their thoughts, feelings and behaviors are related. In addition, they will learn strategies for overcoming their ANTs.

 Homework Activity:  Exterminating Your ANTs – Participants will be asked to record various ANTs that they encountered during the week and how they overcame them.

 Overcoming Barriers: Participants will learn about internal and external barriers that may be impeding their overall success and learn strategies for overcoming these barriers.

 Changing Habits That Are Sabotaging Your Success: Participants will do a self-assessment that will help them to identify self-sabotaging behaviors that are getting in the way of their success. They will learn what self-sabotaging behaviors are and what is behind them.  They will also learn strategies that they can use to acquire and integrate more healthy habits in their life.

Homework Activity:  Participants will be asked to pay attention during the week to thought processes and behaviors that are self-sabotaging and practice new and healthy strategies that were taught in the training. 

Goal Setting: Participants will use information gained from the Vision Board to develop a SMART Goal.  They will also learn how to use Mind Mapping to help them develop the steps they need to take to reach achieve their goal.

Managing Stress and Maintain Your Wellness: Participants will learn to identify warning signs that are indicators that they are becoming stressed and corrective action that they can take to reduce or eliminate their stress level. In addition, they will do a self-assessment to ascertain their personal wellness using the 8 Dimensions of Wellness assessment tool and identify ways that they can begin to address the areas that they rated themselves low in.

Homework Activity:  Participants will be asked to pay attention during the week to people, places, situations or things that result in them feeling stressed and what are some of the physical signs that they experience when they are becoming stressed

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