What Mask Are You Wearing?


I know, it’ll soon be Halloween but this has nothing to do with Halloween! It is about how we are showing up in the world. Are we showing up as our authentic self or do we wear a ‘mask’ based upon who we are with and/or where we are?

The million dollar question is, ‘Why do we do this?’ and the million dollar answer is “__________________________!” Only you can fill in the blank.

I can only speak for myself but for a long… time I wore various masks because ‘I feared that if people really knew me, they would not like me.’ This need to be liked by others manifested itself in my life in dysfunctional ways. For instance:

  • I didn’t know how to say, what many people feel is a bad word – NO! I suffered from Yes Syndrome! I did things because I wanted to be liked and being miserable or resentful while doing it.
  • I would not speak up and share what I was really thinking and feeling. This often resulted in me walking around feeling upset at myself. (Side bar, when this happens consistently, it can result in depression which is basically anger turned inward.)

ell, with much work and some help, I have learned to show up with my authentic self and my greatest FEAR
was just that – False Evidence Appearing Real.

The following are some questions that can help you to begin to connect with your authentic self. 

  • Do you feel that something is missing in your life? Like there is a hole in your soul?
  • When you interact with others, is your public persona at odds with your values, beliefs and vision?
  • What is the one thing that makes you truly happy?
  • What makes you feel like you are in your element?
  • What makes you feel like you wouldn’t want to be doing anything else?

Until next time…    

THINK POSITIVE!                           


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