What Type of Lover Are You?

What Type of Lover Are You?

What type of lover are you?LOLI got your attention! Yes, this post is about love but in the context of how you are showing up in the world. I was listening to Tony Robbins and he spoke about various types of love and how as adults we use these various types of love to meet our needs. Some people use a combination of them based upon the situation, others spend their time stuck on one.


  • Baby Love – This is quite the opposite of what I originally though it was. We all know that babies are cute and charming (here is the punch line) when they are getting what they want. As soon as their needs are not being met, they stop being cute! They cry and whine none stop until their needs are satisfied. People who exhibit this type of love, love as long as their needs are being met.
  • Conditional Love – Initially this sounds like Baby Love but the difference is that we have a covert operation going. In other words, we act as if what we are doing is genuine, out of love but unbeknownst to others we are expecting something in return. When we do not get what we want, we then get upset and some of us even act up. People who exhibits this type of love, love with strings attached. 
  • Real Love – Have you met someone and thank them for something that they did and they looked at you like you had 10 heads. They had no clue what you were referring to. This is genuine love, with no expectations. People who exhibit this type of love, give of them self because of who they are.
  • Spiritual Love – I think this is what the Bible refers to as Agape love. It’s loving others despite the pain and hurt that they have caused you and/or others. This is the highest level of love and not many people practice this on a daily basis. Tony used Nelson Mandela as an example of someone who have demonstrated this type of love. People who exhibit this type of love, love despite the wrong and/or hurt that was done to them and people they care about.

We are all human and we have practiced all or most of these types of love at some point in our live. The important question is, “What type of love do you practice most often – Baby Love, Conditional Love, Real Love or Spiritual Love?” Only you can answer. Now, tell the truth!

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