Your Most Valuable Asset is … Self – Help Tip


I was browsing online and came across a site that had the following statement. My most valuable asset is my _______________. I though about this for a long… time and I completed it many times over but for some reason what I wrote did not feel right until I inserted the word ATTITUDE. Your answer maybe different and that is okay. I would like to share why I chose attitude as mine.

I had been going through some stuff which had me feeling down. The more I thought about the situation and tried to problem solve it, the more stuck and frustrated I got. I was laying in my bed mulling it over for what seemed the millionth time when it came to me – “You need an attitude adjustment!”

Resentment and anger (both symptoms of a negative attitude) can block us from moving forward and  these were the culprits in my dilemma. I grabbed a pen and piece of paper and began to write.  Before long, I was able to come up with some solutions to address my problem. 

Based upon my experience, I felt compelled to share with you that no matter what happens this week in your life –  what is going to make a difference in terms of how you handle challenges will be your attitude. It will make a difference in the outcome you get.

PONDER THIS! Life is full of challenges –  that is why it is worth living! Can you imagine a life without challenges? I don’t even want to try. They are what help us to grow and reach our fullest potential. Therefore, check your attitude because a slight adjustment could make a difference between pleasure (positive outcome) or pain (negative one)! 

I really encourage you to share this posting with at  least one other person. You’d be surprise the difference it may make in their life.

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In 2007, I started a company called Keepsakes by Faith whose main purpose was to inspire individuals using my art and inspiration words. The company evolved to meet our customers needs and today we are known as DISCOVER A NEW FUTURE. You may be wondering why. Our overall goal is to inspire individuals to be the best version of them self and we seek to do this by offering a wider array of services so we can meet individuals where they are. This includes personal development workshops, providing information, education and resources via our Discover A New Future show that airs weekly on Princeton TV, conferences, support groups and of course, art. So thanks for stopping by and please share your thoughts - it's the only way that we can grow!

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